Reshaping the world
of commodity trading

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Challenging today’s conventional operations in the energy markets & ushering in the future of trading.

Drawing on sophisticated mathematical models and market expertise, TRISOLARIS transforms data into top-tier trading, with remarkable outcomes. We achieve this by steadily investing in cutting-edge technologies and carefully selecting the brightest minds to drive TRISOLARIS forward.

With a business model founded on innovation, risk management and diversification, TRISOLARIS has
successfully become a leading energy trader, spanning 20+ markets across Europe and globally.
Our trading portfolio includes electricity, gas and renewable energy products.

Who we are


Amplifying trading through
our unmatched know-how

Every person at TRISOLARIS is motivated by curiosity and problem solving. So, it’s inevitable that, each day,
we challenge the status quo.

TRISOLARIS is made up of exceptional people from various disciplines of mathematics, physics, economics,
chess or poker. The team supports each other by collectively sharing their insight and expertise in their
respective fields. This encourages TRISOLARIS to re-examine data as a tool, broaden our impact for a
sustainable future and help one another to discover trading opportunities beyond the horizon.

TRISOLARIS supports the ever-growing shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. It’s clear that technology
plays a vital role in this transition, so our team uses forward-thinking approaches and tech-driven ideas to
optimize energy outputs from renewable sources, like wind, water or solar energy.


markets across Europe and globally


trades in the energy markets


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Reshaping the world
of commodity trading


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